3D Printing Service

Service Offered

3D Supermarket can offer 3D Printing services for you at competitive rates.

3D Supermarket offers a 3D Printing Service, a 3D Scanning Service, 3D Printing training and CAD training.

What will you be getting printed soon?


3D Printing Service


3D Supermarket can offer a competitive 3D printing service. With a range of 3D printers and technologies on offer, 3D Supermarket can make your designs and dreams a reality within 24 hours.

We can take drawings to 3D Printed models to make your designs become a reality.

3D Scanning Service

3D Supermarket can offer 3D Scanning for any small objects. 3D Supermarket’s ReeYee scanner is a brilliant device for any items that need scanning.

Using this service, you can have anything you want to be replicated and 3D printed over and over again.

3D Printing Training


Need a lesson to get you started in 3D Printing? Want to operate training sessions for your staff?

3D Supermarket offers comprehensive and educational sessions to get you started.


CAD Training


3D Supermarket can offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) training to improve your workforce’s skills and efficiency.

3D Supermarket offers training in AutoDesk AutoCAD.