Why Creatives and Designers are excited about 3D Printing 

The progress in technology has made it possible to produce three-dimensional objects for several applications and also for fun. It is used in automotive industry, healthcare, packaging, and in product development among other areas.

Creatives and designs are some of the groups that have experienced the benefits of this technology. Most of their work involves refining of abstract ideas into tangible projects and objects to solve problems at hand.

Here are reasons where these two groups of people are excited about 3D printing.

It enables hands-on process    

By the use of a 3D printer, creatives, and designers are able to follow the development of their initial design throughout the process until they get a prototype and the exact product. They get the first-hand experience of what works and what does not work. In the process, they improve their prototyping skills and get higher quality output.

Reduction of the development time

By shortening the period for prototyping, product developers and designers are able to reduce the time they spend on product development significantly. Unlike traditional product development methods, it easy to get a product produced in a few hours using a 3D printer.  You can also make the adjustments quite fast. The ability to use the software in the design of the product makes it faster to detect and correct inefficiencies in the product. The numbers of adjustments done to a given item are also fewer as the designers are able to interact personally with the prototype. It is not like making molds that can take several months to complete.

Creates higher savings

Despite the initial investment in a 3D printer being very high, real savings are made in the product development cycle. It is easy for the creatives to design a product that is needed in the market very fast before the demand goes down, it is easier to approve the product at different stages as it is tangible and different teams can collaborate on a design without having to ship samples from one creative hub to the other.

 Ease of customization

For designers whose products are to be mass produced, it is difficult to change the products from a single mold. However, as for the 3D printing, it is easy to customize a part of the design to give different results or take care of a need that has emerged. This happens without any additional cost on the part of the design. Personalization is a way that a company can set itself apart from the competitors that are producing similar goods.

Enhancing the creative process

With 3D printing technology, creatives, and developers are able to imagine and make it happen. They are at freedom to create just anything and test it for the problem that they seek to solve. This enhances creativity and problem solving due to the visualizing the designs.


Diverse material

Different materials have different characteristics and can enhance the creative process in one or many ways. 3D technology is now compatible with a variety of polymers, plastics, ceramics, biomaterials, silver, and glass among other materials. This gives the creators and designs a greater flexibility in creating possibilities. It is now easier than ever to try out what a design feels, operates and reacts in a different material than another.

Better control on the end appearance

Additive manufacturing works by adding layers on top of each other much like a recipe for baking the cake. It helps the designers and creatives to control the appearance and each part of the creation. It is easy to separate parts of a given project and rework on each part without having to rework on the whole project again. This is different with the creation of molds as changing a part of the design always results in the creation of a new mold.

3D printing technology opens new frontiers for designers and creatives. It enhances their work and makes it easier to manage the creative or design process.


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