Why You Need to Build Your First 3D printer  

3D printing is the new technology that has taken the creative and design world by storm. There are unlimited possibilities to what the 3D printers can print from prototypes at the company to fun toys and parts at home. There are different 3D printers on the internet, some made by mainstream companies while others are parts that you have to put together to start printing.

You can build your 3D printer from scratch and tweak it to function and print specific items that you need. There are several reasons why you need to build your 3D printer.

Building the 3D printer helps you understand the working mechanism. It is easier to change the setting to fit changing needs later on. This is the best option if you have a special project, which you want to print with your 3D printer. This may not be easy while using the plug and play printers.

Building your 3D printer is cheaper than buying a high-quality printer from the stores. It only takes a little effort to understand and assemble the whole piece and get printing at a fraction of the whole cost.

As you work on the build, you will notice several parts that require adjustment and tweaking. Therefore, it is vital that you know how each part relates to the rest of the parts. Working that way out is the best way to understand that.

The leading companies when it comes to supplying parts for 3D printing are Prusa or OOznest. Prusa are the original designers of the printer while Ooznest has a good version of the same.

 Key components of a 3D printer

Here are the key components for a 3D printer

  • 3mm Extruder assembly
  • 220mm of threaded rod assembly with X end idlers and Limit switch end stopper
  • The X-center carriage assemble 3mm Nozzle with holder
  • The X-axis limit switch with holder assembly to connect with the cable
  • The ZY,Z limit switch and its assembly to the cable
  • PCB assembly
  • Base Stepper motor which comes with grub screw, pulley and the Y motor bracket assembly
  • 220mm threaded rod assembly with an X end motor
  • Top stepper motor assembly with mounts for the Z motor

The most common way of building your own 3D printer is going the RepRap way. RepRap is the short form for Replicating Rapid prototype. In short, it is a printer that prints itself. The advantage of the printer is that it gets all the parts you need to set up new printers. You can get the information on how to set up the printer RepRap website. The only other thing that you will have to purchase or build is the controller board. (you can build one if you have the skills at hand). The problem with this approach is that it takes the time to put together every single part until the printer is ready. Be sure to handle hundreds of nuts, bolts, and other small parts.

If you would like to save on time and the labour, you can buy 3D printer kits. This is also the ideal route if you are not highly skilled in assembling electronic parts. All of these easy-to-assemble kits come with instructions on how to go about building them. The leading manufacturers of pre-made 3D kits include Airwolfe3D, Printrbot, SeeMeCNC, Felix, and Makergear among other companies

The first step after you have had the parts is to determine the design of your printer. there are several futuristic design ideas out there. However, for a start, consider simple, classic designs. It will cause very little strain to have everything in place with this design.

From this step, you can now follow the guide to assembling all the parts together. Once you are done assembling the hardware parts of the printer, you then add the software parts to it. The software helps you to view and alter 3D graphical objects and convert 3D images to instructions that are understood by your printer.

Once you are done with the software bit, you can now print your very first item. You will find several source file on the internet that you can use to test your printer. You may have to make adjustments to some images to fit the frame of your 3D printer.




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