Floreon Filament (Treated PLA) 1.75mm

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Floreon is a specially formulated compound, which is added to standard bioplastic, polylactic acid (PLA) to create an innovative material with a sustainable origin and a range of end of life options.

It was created from a desire for a greener, safer form of plastic. Unhappy with the options available we decided to develop our own. After four years and a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the University of Sheffield a unique, environmentally friendly, fully compostable and high performing bioplastic was born.

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Floreon 700 is a floreon formulation designed to give stable extrusion (for uniform filament diameter) over a wider range of temperatures. the finished product is tougher than pla allowing the creation of more resilient structures. the printability and finish is excellent making this a good choice for 3d printing applications. colours and pigments can be added as required.

• Good processing stability

• Stable (or uniform) filament diameter

• Improved mechanical performance

• Good printability • Higher flexibility

Floreon is a patented, multi award-winning, bioplastic made from plants, not oil.
Our Floreon 3D filament is a specially formulated compound containing a combination of carefully selected performance polymers that give enhanced flexibility, durability and printability over other filaments, whilst maintaining the sustainable benefits of being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Benefits of Floreon filament:
– 4x tougher than PLA
– More flexible than standard PLA
– Improved impact resistance
– Excellent inter-layer adhesion – improved printability
– Excellent extrusion
– Minimal nozzle clogging – less machine downtime & less wastage
– Print at 190°C to 240°C low temp gives matt finish, higher temps gloss finish
– Print at higher speeds
– Made from plants, not oil
– Recyclable & biodegradable
– Manufactured using less energy than conventional plastics
– Virtually odour free






Recyclable – Yes PLA & Floreon

Biodegradable -Yes PLA & Floreon

Biobased – Yes PLA & Floreon

Process T (Degree’s C) – PLA (180-220); Floreon (160 – 220)

Toughness PLA – (Medium); Floreon (Very Good)

Stiffness – PLA (High); Floreon (High)

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