Polaroid 3D Pen

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Designed for Fun, Arts, Crafts, Hobbies, Gifts & more…

The Polaroid Play 3D pen is a fun product, ideal for creating your own unique gifts, homeware, jewellery, models, toys… the possibilities are endless. It also a great introduction into the world of 3D printing for students, especially within the Art, Technology, Design and Engineering environments.

The opportunity for creating a tangible product is limitless. The ability to freehand draw allows the user to create any 3D model from the ground up adding in colour and texture for greater detail. This is perfect for anyone who loves arts and crafts. Whether creating bespoke models for a train set, creating 3D pictures for your wall or decorating your room with butterflies the applications of the 3D pen are truly unlimited.

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Key Features:

• Create your fun by building your own freehand 3D models • Use the unique Polaroid Play Trace App to stencil your own

photographs and then bring them to life in 3D
• Alternatively, trace existing or imported templates and then

assemble the parts together to create a 3D model
• Uses environmentally friendly plastic filament material (PLA) • Select manual or automatic extrusion
• Features multiple print speed settings for greater flexibility in model creation, including slow settings for free-drawing in the air

• Includes auto-retraction whilst not in use to prevent filament

• Features auto-turn off for added safety
• Uses 1.75mm diameter PLA filament
• Box includes 4 filaments; giving you everything you need to get

• Box of 20 fantastic filament colours also available
• Also, works with the Polaroid 1kg Universal PLA Filament

• For ages 14+ unless under adult supervision

Key selling points of the Polaroid Play 3D pen:

• Polaroid is a household brand known for fun, innovation and exceptional value

• Simple and easy-to-use

• Unique Polaroid Play Trace App is the first of its kind

• Works with environmentally friendly bio-compostable plastic made from corn starch

• Multiple speed settings for greater flexibility in model creation • Draw using stencils, freehand or in the air

Polaroid Trace App

• The Polaroid Play 3D Pen can be used by free-drawing 3D models or tracing over a stencil

• Simply visit the App Store or Google Play and download the Polaroid Play Trace App to your Smartphone or Tablet

• Place the screen protector provided onto your Smartphone or Tablet and then trace the existing or imported templates. Then simply assemble the parts together to create amazing 3D models

• Download existing templates from the internet or templates designed by yourself and bring them to life with the Polaroid Play 3D Pen

• Alternatively, use the unique Polaroid Play Trace App ‘stencilize’ feature to create a stencil from your own photographs and then bring them to life in 3D

• Use pre-existing templates,
import your own template designs, download designs from the internet or use the unique stencil option to create stencils of your photographs

• Enlarge or decrease the size of your stencils to enable larger or smaller models to be created

• Lock the screen of your smartphone or tablet to ensure the picture on screen stays in one place while you trace your model

• Use the grid lines on the screen to always know which parts of the model you have created

• Increase or decrease the contrast of your own stencilised pictures to allow you to create the perfect 3D model



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