Reeyee Pro

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 Multi Purpose


High Compatibility

High Cost Performance

Multi Function

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4 Scan Modes

Satisfy your Diversified Scan Demands

Wiiboox Reeyee Pro is a portable 3D scanner with high precision, which supports four different scan modes: handheld rapid scanning, handheld HD scan, automatic scan and free scan. It is also a multi-functional and quasi-industrial 3D scanner which can satisfy diversified scan demands and can be widely used in different areas, such as manufacture, art and education.

Handheld Rapid Scan

Applied speckle scanning technology, Wiiboox Reeyee Pro can achieve automatic collage (without reference points) based on the characteristics of the object itself. In addition, the external texture scan module will help Wiiboox Reeyee Pro realize 3D color scanning.

Handheld Rapid Scan

Hand Held HD Scan

Handheld HD scan mode applies line scanning technology, which makes Wiiboox Reeyee Pro can achieve automatic collage with reference points. And this kind of 3D scanning mode is suitable for casting, sculpture and making artworks.

Handheld HD Scan

Automatic Scan

With a rotary table, Wiiboox Reeyee Pro can achieve automatic scan. Automatic scan mode is suitable for making small workpieces, action figures, toys and small home decorations.

Automatic Scan

Free Scan

Mounted on the tripod, Wiiboox Reeyee Pro can achieve free scan with multiple collage modes: reference point collage, feature collage and manual collage.

Free Scan

True Color Scan

Make Your Ideas More Colorful

With an external color camera, Wiiboox Reeyee Pro is able to quickly capture color information and reveal pure nature of the object to realize true color scan.


High Compatibility Support Multiple 3rd – Party Softwares & Hardwares

Support Multiple Output Formats: OBJ,STL,ASC,PLY Support Multiple 3D Design Softwares::Geomagic、CATIA、SolidWorks、Proe、UG、 Autodesk ( 3D Max、Maya、Meshmixer、123D)

Support Multiple 3D Printers: Desktop 3D printers, Industrial 3D Printers, Laser Engraving Machines.




Scan Model Handheld HD Scan Handheld Rapid Scan Automatic Scan Free Scan
Scan Precision 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.05mm(Single Frame) 0.05mm(Single Frame)
Scan Speed 15 Frames/s 10 Frames/s <2s(Single Frame) <2s(Single Frame)
Dot Pitch 0.2mm-2mm 0.5mm-2mm 0.16mm
Single Frame Scan Range 210*150mm
Light Source LED White Light
Recommended Scan Object Size 0.03m-4m 0.15m-4m 0.03m-0.15m 0.03m-4m
Collage Mode Reference Point Collage Feature Collage Rotary Table Collage Reference Point Collage, Feature Collage, Rotary Table Collage
Exture Scan NO YES
Outdoor Operation No (affected by strong light)
For Special Scan Object Enrich surface features before scanning.
SupportFor a transparent, reflective or dark object, please sprat powder before scanning.
Printable Data Output Support
Output Format OBJ,STL,ASC,PLY
Print Head Weight 0.8kg
Operation System Win 7/8/10 (64x)
Minimum Computer Requirements CPU: i5; Discrete Graphics: GTX660; Video Memory: 2G ; Memory: 8G.

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