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Reeyee 3D Object Scanner


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Reeyee, Realise your Big Ideas

We wish an arbitrary transformation between real and virtual can be achieved in an environment full of creativity and innovation. With Reeyee, a very cost-effective 3D Object Scanner adopted RAY2 high-precision optical photography, all the real objects in the real world can be scanned and become the virtual parts composed our big ideas. Also, our big ideas can be 3D printed into real world.That’s the arbitrary transformation we wished and we believe with Reeyee 3D Object Scanner, everyone can be a creative designer and maker.


100μm, Scan the Limitation of Ideas

When you start Reeyee, you are ready to begin a beautiful journey of scanning and creating. After a bright white light is projected out, you can immediately see a 3D image stands vividly revealed on the screen. 100μm scanning precision makes every detail clear and vivid.


RAY2 Industrial Grade Optical Photography, Scan the Slightest Details

To pursue perfect scanning experience, we have reconstructed the scan recognition system of Reeyee by applying the newgeneration of RAY2 industrial-grade optical photography. At the same time, we have optimized the functions of LED white lightprojection module to increase the integrated compatibility of Reeyee. With these improvements, Reeyee can scan the slightest details with the best performance


As fast as you can – 80s High Velocity Scanning

80s! What an amazing scanning speed. That means just a few twinkles, Reeyee 3D Object Scanner can finish the whole scanning process. By the way, its weight is only 7kg.

70cm Scanning Size, Scan Where you Want
Reeyee brings you a radically different scanning experience. You can choose different scan modes in order to meet different scanning needs. Choose automatic scan mode, you can scan targets with 20cm. Choose free scan mode,the scan volume can reach as large as 70x70x70cm. What’s more amazing, you can collage the models by yourself. Scan where you want and collage what you need.
3.5kg, As Light as 6 Bottles of Water
We believe that lightweight and portabilityshould bethe essential features of a 3D scanner, so that makers can scan materials and make creations anywhere and anytime. Therefore, we have to spare no efforts to get the complicated functions and various modules placed into the simple and compact body of Reeyee. Honestly, it is not an easy work, but we’ve successfully made it. Only 3.5kg, as light as 6 bottles of mineral water!
Safety, Our Constant Commitment
Reeyee 3D Scanner adopts LED white light, which can protect people’s eyes and precious treasures from strong light and radiation, even use it for a long time. Safety is Reeyee’s consistent pursuit, as well as Wiiboox’s constant commitment.
10 Min, Learn how to Operate 
Reeyee is designed for makers full of ideas and creativities. In order to save makers’ time for more creations, we have done a lot of work on user experience, because we believe that technology must center on the needs of people .Now, only 10 minutes, you can learn how to operate Reeyee.
STL Output Format Compatibl with all 3D printers


Single Frame Scan Precision

0.1 mm

Scan Range

Auto Rotary Scanning

200 x 200 x 200 mm

Auto Scanning

700 x 700 x 700 mm

Scan Time

Auto Rotary Scanning

< 3 min

Auto Scanning

< 10s (Single Frame)

Dot Pitch

0.17 mm ~ 0.2 mm

Collage Mode

Auto Collage Mode & Manual Collect Mode

Scanning Mode

Auto Rotary Scanning Mode & Free Scanning Mode

Resolution Ratio

1. 31 Mega Pixels

Light Source

LED White Light


Scanning Head Size: 250 x 130 x 60 mm

Rotary Table Size: 250 x 260 x 70 mm

Product Weight 

4 kg

Single Frame Scan Range (Free Scanning Mode)

200 x 150 mm

Output Format


Support Direct 3D Printing

Yes (without any other third party software)

Other Functions

Support Color Texture Scanning

Operations Systems

Win 7/8 64

Minimum Computer Requirements

CPU: i5; Discrete Graphics GTX850; Video Memory: 4G; Memory: 8G; Two USB 2.0 Interfaces; Extra VGA Interface or HDMI of self-contained adapter for connecting scanner

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