Wiiboox Mini One

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A great 3D printer for industrial and home use with its cutting edge ultra fine particle air filtration system. Great for the office and children.

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According to the report of the American University of Illinois, small diameter ultra-fine particles are produced during 3D printing process. They can be deposited in the lung or directly absorbed into the bloodstream of the user, causing serious health problems.

In view of the responsibility for users’ health, Wiiboox presents the world’s first desktop 3D printer with an ultra-fine particulate air filtration system.

While ensuring high-precision printing, Wiiboox designs 6 protection measures meeting EU standards to protect users’ health, including radiation safety, circuit safety, lightning safety, material safety and product safety.

Now Wiiboox has passed CE EMC, PAHs, REACH, LVD, ERP and ROHS tests.




Print Dimensions

200 x 150 x 150 mm

Print Accuracy & Printing Thickness

Print Thickness – 0.1  ~ 0.5 mm

Print Accuracy – 0.1 mm

Nozzle Diameter (one nozzle)

0.4 mm

Platform Levelling Points


Speed & Printing 

Printing Speed – 120 ~ 180 mm/s


Z – Axis – 0.0025 mm

XY – Axis 0 0.0011 mm

Material Type


Material Diameter

1.75 mm


Print Software – ReplicatorG

File Format – STL / GCODE

Operating System – Windows / Linus / Mac OSX

Open Mode – USB / SD Card

Voltage and Power



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