Wiiboox Pro 300

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According to the Illinois institute of technology study, 3D printing process can produce tiny ultrafine particle diameter, the particles will settle on the user’s lungs or directly absorbed by the blood, and cause serious consequences. Strong responsibility, for user health Wiiboox produced the first installation of ultrafine particle filtering system of the world’s desktop 3D printer. At the same time on the premise of guarantee the high precision printing, Wiiboox also designed the radiation safety, circuit safety, lightning safety, material security, product security and other six conforms to the European standard of strict security measures, health care users.




Reveal the slightest details achieve real high-precision printing

It is made up of 265 parts and a 5 cylinder radial engine which has been synonymous with aerospace since the first radial engine was created in 1901. Only when a 3D printer’s accuracy is up to 0. 1mm does it manage to produce parts with the error less than 0. 1 mm. Wiiboox’s high-precision printing is more than just words.

Unique extruded nozzle special printing experience

Printing accuracy: 0. 08mm; printing speed: 180mm/s. Durability and easy quick replacement more are achieved through over 3, 000 hours of printing time, 5 generations of improved design, high precision machining of metal parts, unique extruded nozzle structure, high-precision stepping motor and humanized nozzle design.

Automatic nozzle calibration

Wiiboox makes use of a precise XYZ axis sensing system. You only need to perform a simple software calibration, then each time the nozzle recalibrates automatically.

Strong chip portfolio 

Wiiboox uses ATMEL star processors and chooses the A-series chips produced by Allegro as motor driver chip. Also the strong combination of MOSFET chips and LED chips produced by NXP inspires outstanding performance of Wiiboox and displays extraordinary quality.

All-metal structure, solid as a rock

Wiiboox is one of the world’s few 3D printers with metal frameworks. Its aluminum architecture weighs one third of the weight of stainless steel, but the strength is 5 times that of acrylic. A rock-like structure ensures the stable high-speeding printing of the nozzle and the robust alloy sufficiently meets the flexible needs. The journey of high-quality printing starts.

Particulate filter system is to protect your health.

According to the report of the American University of Illinois, small diameter ultra-fine particles are produced during 3D printing process. They can be deposited in the lung or directly absorbed into the blood stream of the user, causing serious health problems. Wiiboox is the world’s first 3D printer with an ultra-fine particulate air filtration system. It has the filtration accuracy of approximately 0. 08 micron in order to protect users comprehensively.

Dual power supply design reducing interference, ensuring accuracy

In order to avoid temperature errors influencing print accuracy, Wiiboox control system uses a dual switching power supply system which completely blocks the interference caused by the stepper motor counter-electromotive force.

Unprecedented exquisiteness presented with advanced technology

With its bakelite heating plate and double heating rate, it can perfectly print various materials like ABS and PLA and effectively prevent model from deformation and warpage.

Windows and OS systems are compatible

The print software and drivers Wiiboox provided are fully compatible with all versions of windows and Mac OSX. You do not have to worry about choosing camps.

High quality, diverse creative

Print accuracy:0. 1mm. Durable printing performance will make your extraordinary creativity come true.



FDM Technology with a Dual Nozzle Extruder 

Print Size

300 x 300 x 300 mm

Printing Accuracy and Layer Thickness

0.08 ~ 0.5 mm

Print Accuracy

0.08 mm

Nozzle Diameter

0.4 mm

Printing Speed and Positional Accuracy

Printing – 20 ~ 180 mm/s

Positional Speed

Z Axis

0.0025 mm

XY Axis

0.011 mm

Filament Diameter

1.75 mm



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